Warranty and returns

We will accept returns within 14 days of the delivery date. Begin your returns process by getting in touch through the contact page on our website or email admin@bo-op.com 

Important to note : Bo-Op consists of multiple brands and manufacturers, each with their own return & exchange policies and product warranty. We will ensure that the return process is done as smoothly and with as little inconvenience as possible to all parties concerned. 

  1. Return of Non-Defective Goods:
  • In the case of a customer returning a product for a reason other than a manufacturing fault, for example the customer is not happy with the aesthetic or size of an item, the product must be returned in perfect condition without sign of usage.
  • If there are signs of usage or if the product is damaged by return transport, we reserve the right to dismiss the product.
  • All return shipping costs will be incurred by the customer.

  1. Return of Defective Goods:
  • In the case of a customer returning a product as a result of a manufacturing defect, the brand in question will be notified. The customer will be contacted directly by a representative of the brand. 
  • Customers will need to arrange that their product is shipped back to Cape Town, to the relevant address which will be confirmed by the brand representative. 
  • The brand will then arrange that the product is returned to the customer once it has been inspected and repaired / replaced.

*proof of purchase required